High-quality voice communication for any mobile applications. Providing voice communication without connecting to the Internet. The rent of local telephone number for short periods (no monthly fees) for quick communication within the network. Possible to organize full-duplex communication between devices ("the radio transmitter"). Connect landline phones to the network.

Internet access is not required.


The use of video in any available mobile application. The ability to support video calling with multiple subscribers (conference call). Streaming video in high definition (HD videos).

Internet access is not required.



High-speed Internet connection-channel - up to 150 Mb/s (reliable connection). Seamless Internet connection throughout the network. The opportunity to operate out of the office. Upload data traffic of mobile subscribers to reduce the load on mobile networks.


A high-speed connection allows to share in the Internet a large amount of data at maximum speed (taking into account the capabilities of providers). Data transfer within the network (taking into account the prioritization) always occurs at maximum speed.

Internet access is not required.


Fast data loading allows you to instantly update maps of navigation apps running in online mode. Using GPS+wireless network allows you to increase the positioning accuracy up to 3-5 m. The opportunity of online tours (in determining the subscriber's location).


Using broadcast channel enables you to use any online translators, both voice and scanning. Tourists who do not have enough knowledge of the language will feel comfortable, there always is a personal translator, which is able to simultaneously translate almost any language.


Technology goes forward with big steps, and modern devices that include a wireless module that can communicate with parent devices, and also among themselves. It is very interesting to transmit images with extreme camera in real time on the device of your friends!

Internet access is not required.


The standard features of all mobile devices - text messaging. Using any of your text messaging application can chat online with their friends.

Internet access is not required.


The video monitoring system of streets, squares, courtyards is designed to ensure the safety of citizens in public places, as well as to help the police department to provide security. In addition, a set of video monitoring will enhance the fire safety of the city.

Internet access is not required.


Call emergency services within the network will be instantaneous - no need to dial, just press the panic button. Emergency services of the city have high-speed access to proprietary information and can coordinate their actions in real time.

Internet access is not required.


The computerized service will provide free access of citizens to all necessary information, will ensure the collection of taxes, registration of vehicles and patents, the conclusion of various agreements, etc. Using modern telecommunication technologies in the organization of urban management will provide new quality of services to citizens and businesses.

Internet is not required.


The telemetry system with data transmission via a wireless network allows you to organize remote monitoring over mobile and motionless objects by transmission of the readings of various sensors (burglar, fire, temperature, gas leakage, pressure, location, etc.) on the remote control.

Internet is not required.


Video advertising in resorts has the maximum return from the placement of commercials. Interactive advertising with the ability to control information (voice, gestures, touch) - a new approach to attract consumers and present information about products and services.

Internet is not required.


Providing a place to store a data (photos, videos, music, etc.). You don't need to take with you on vacation the computers and hard drives - from mobile devices you can send files to the virtual disk, you can share with friends, you can make your library of favorite movies and playlist of favorite music before you leave home.


Provide customers with services related to ensuring the reliability and resiliency of storage and processing of information (text, graphics, and other digital data). The data center provides a dedicated secure communication channels with guaranteed safety at maximum speed.

Internet access is not required.


Provide conditions for the placement of proper equipment for storage and management (computing and managed resources) for your websites, files, and other information. Special software allows you to easily and comfortably manage your content. Access and control - 24/7

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