Communication without any limits

In the modern world communication tools have become an integral part of our lives. We have a constant need in communication, we want to be in touch with the world, we need to gather the latest information, and in this we are helped by modern communications. 
The Internet is the most dynamically developing environment. Opportunities are given by mobile devices with Internet access extend the range of communication, interaction, interests, help to develop and improve the level of education. The Internet is one of the important conditions of developing and managing business, it provides fast acquisition, distribution and storage of information. Internet in today's world is becoming the most popular way of communication.
All of this suggests that online services are becoming more popular and will be popular for many, many years.
We are a young, growing company of energetic, restless people, who are able to develop existing technologies and implement our own developments.


The smart technology

We want to create a product that will be useful and necessary to all, a product that will help in everyday life and work, that will live and develop constantly.
We are looking for investment for our project. This project of wireless access for the resort cities and places in Europe. The project, which is able to exist and develop as long as will exist the Internet. The project, which is able to integrate into existing networks (3G and 4G) and future (5G) generation. We have developed a unique system of cloud management support network and the opportunity of combining a large number of network clusters (objects) into a single communication system.
We invite investors, business angels, investment companies to participate in the implementation of this promising project. We are looking for understanding, active, reliable partners!


Wireless access to the network

We invite investors, business angels to participate in the implementation of the project wireless Internet access in the resort cities of Europe. You might be interested in this offer or you can recommend people willing to invest in telecommunications projects in Europe. The estimated initial investment - € 500 000. The return on investment 1-1. 5 years. We are ready to share the details of the project.
We have done a lot of preparatory work - as a pilot version of the project we have chosen one of the EU cities and held talks with the city administration.
Abilities of the project are limited only by the imagination — all that can bring the Internet can be implemented in this project. The project has unlimited development prospects and cloning (duplication) in any resort places.
In order to understand some aspects of the financial component, we supply you with some data: during the "beach" season (4 months) the resort is visited by over 5 million people (the numbers of one resort), ski season (4 months) 1 million people.
The network is able to flexibly adjust to the technology of 4G and following 5G. In any case, the core of our project is able to support any technology distributing the signal devices in a particular area.


The current status of the project:

  • - developed the project concept and development plan
  • - composed a business plan for 5 years
  • - officially registered trade representation of the Russian company to receive a residence permit for employees from Russia
  • - registered company on the territory of the European Union, opened an account
  • - obtained license to conduct provider activities
  • - held negotiations with the city mayor and the project was approved
  • - received the information communications plans from the city administration
  • - held negotiations with manufacturers of data center
  • - held negotiations with representatives of vendors of network equipment in Europe, determined the composition and quantity of the supplied equipment
  • - held negotiations with distributors according to the official equipment supplies
  • - held negotiations with European main providers of telecommunications services, reached an agreement on joint activities
  • - conducted inspections of premises to place data center and office, held preliminary talks on rent
  • - formed a team of professionals committed to long-term work

Our poll: Do we need a connection on holiday?

In order to understand the main idea of the project, we compiled our poll. By answering these questions, you will understand the direction of the project and the opportunities that will get users in places of recreation in the resorts of Europe, and we get important data that will help us to choose the right solution for the formation of services and offerings.


Thank you for participating!

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